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Excursion #2

Rethymno - Margarites - Museum of Eleftherna - Arkadi Monastery - Rethymno

4 Hours - 80€
(the price is for the transfer up to 4 persons. For more persons the price will be determined upon request.)


Starting Point (Α): Rethymno

Stop (Β): Margarites – Margarites village is located 27 km from Rethymnon at an altitude of 300 meters. It keeps a long tradition of pottery that has its roots in antiquity. It is a village with narrow streets and nice houses. In the village there is the church of St. John with medieval frescoes.
Stop (C): Museum of Eleftherna – A modern building of 1,700 sq.m. which looks like an ark and accommodates the rich history of one of the most powerful and important cities of ancient Crete.
Stop (D): Arkadi Monastery – Arkadi Monastery is situated 23 km. from Rethymno and is one of the most important monasteries in Crete. It became known due to the strong involvement of the liberation struggles, culminating in the siege and sacrifice of encapsulated defenders to it on November 8, 1866, which blew themselves up alive so as not to surrender to the Turks. Also it has been characterized by UNESCO as a European Freedom Monument.
Return (A): Rethymno