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Excursion #3

Rethymno - Preveli (Libyan Sea)

Appointment based - 80€
(the price is for the transfer up to 4 persons. For more persons the price will be determined upon request.)

Located about 40 km south of Rethymnon is the beach Preveli. It is a beautiful sandy beach with a small forest of palm trees, the presence of which transform the place into exotic.
On the beach is located the mouth of the river Kourtaliotis which forms a small lagoon before flowing into the sea.
Guests can walk around and go up the river, as the palm trees provide ample shade and the ground is smooth.

We can take you to the Monastery Preveli and let you into the parking space. From there you can get off the trail to the beach and enjoy one of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe.
In the afternoon, the time we will agree, we will come to pick you up and return you to Rethymno.