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Excursion #5

Rethymno - Spili - Gortyn - Phaistos - Matala - Agia Galini - Rethymno

6 Hours - 180€
(the price is for the transfer up to 4 persons. For more persons the price will be determined upon request.)

Starting Point (1): Rethymno

Stop (2): Spili – Spili is located about 30km south of Rethymno, at an altitude of 430m. In the center of the village square with the two huge plane trees, is Kefalovrisi as it is called.
Stop (3): Gortyn – The archaeological site of Gortyn (or Gortys) is located 45km south of Heraklion. The city of Gortys is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. The first archaeological works in Gortys started in 1884, after it had been discovered the Great Inscription of Gortys. In 1898 the first excavations started, which continue till today.
Stop (4): Phaistos – Phaistos was the second biggest city of Crete in the second millennium before Christ, after Knossos, and is now an important archaeological site. Located southwest of Heraklion, at a distance of 62 kilometers, 100 meters above sea level. The Minoan palace of Phaistos corresponds to a flourishing city which arose in the fertile plain of the Messara in prehistoric times, from circa 6000 BC to the 1st century BC, as archaeological finds confirm.
Stop (5): Matala – Matala, were a port of Phaestus and Gortys and is well known for the carved caves, which were Grecoroman tombs. The cape south of Matala has been identified as the Cape Nysos and the location where the ships of Menelaus were wrecked (Odyssey).
Stop (6): Agia Galini – Agia Galini is one of the most popular seaside resorts of southern Rethymnon, situated next to the exit of the Amarianos River, 61km south of Rethymno city and 68km southwest of Heraklion. This small town is bustling with life during the summer months and provides all the necessary touristic amenities.

Return (1): Rethymno